building INTEGRITY

Ramsay Solutions is the Sun Valley Area's only general contractor providing full-service design, construction and project management. Rooted in award-winning design and four generations of construction, Ramsay Solutions provides seamless and transparent project management while minimizing unnecessary costs.

Client commitment

Ramsay Solutions successfully produces results and outcomes that respond to an ultimate vision, whether it is creating a modern studio apartment above a renovated industrial space, overhauling an office-space into a LEED-certified office, or adding a luxury guesthouse to a 300-acre estate. Each of Ramsay Solution's projects receives the same commitment to quality, attention to detail, and exceptional customer service.

Ramsay Solutions projects range in size from small office up-fits to major commercial and residential new construction. Our client-centric approach is focused on three core service areas to achieve your vision.

Design Build

We design and build it for you. Or, your architect or designer takes point and we fill in the gaps where appropriate to build your vision.

General Contractor

You provide the design and we build it for you, start to finish.

Project Management

You identify and retain the Architect and General Contractor. We apply our corporate culture and proprietary process of document management to oversee your project as your Client Representative.

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